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  • Styling and cutting for men and women
  • Hair and scalp care treatments
  • Wedding package
  • Colour packages
  • Massages
  • Hair therapy
  • Plantar reflexology
  • AVEDA manicure
  • AVEDA feet care treatments
  • Eye care
  • AVEDA make up
  • Western hair removal
  • Eastern hair removal


“Our mission is to take care of the world in which we live, of the creation of our products in return. At AVEDA we strive to set an example of respect for nature, not only in the world of beauty but around the planet”, Horst Rechelbacher, founder.

Responsibility for the environment :
AVEDA gives priority to the four Rs: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reflect”, with the objective of preserving the environment.

Products derived from plant and flower essences :
“The Art and the Science of AVEDA” is to use raw materials as close as possible to their natural origin. AVEDA offers unique aromas, which come from certified organic oils. The traditional cultures throughout the world constitute the principal source of ingredients for the manufacture of the AVEDA products, which respect the environment of these producing communities.

Traceability of the ingredients :
For the development of each product, AVEDA has installed a control so as to know the origin of all the ingredients. The partner farmers and harvesters of AVEDA, such as Brazil and Peru, respect the principals of organic farming. Economically and culturally this collaboration creates a sustainable partnership which encourages these communities.

Personalised care treatments :
Based on a consultation, the AVEDA hair care is developed according to the individual needs of each person: after an in depth examination of the hair and the scalp, a treatment program is determined individually. In order to continue the benefits of the treatment the hairdresser will advise a set of rituals to be adopted at home to maintain the health of the hair and the comfort of each client.

Opening hours : 7 days per week from 9h to 20h.

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  • Styling and cutting for men and women
  • Wedding package
  • Hair and scalp care treatments
  • Full Spectrum colouring semi permanent
  • Full Spectrum colouring protective permanent
  • Partial highlighting
  • Complete highlighting
  • Partial locks
  • Complete locks
  • Temporary colouring
  • Permanent pre-colouring detoxifying
  • Colourless “sheen” care
  • Barber service



Our philosophy is based on personalised creativity. Taking account of your expectations and needs, our team of innovative stylists creates a style that fits your personality and your lifestyle.

After a complete diagnosis, relax during the shampoo, optimised by a calming massage of the head, the neck and the shoulders.

Are you looking for inspiration, motivation or a radical transformation? Our team will guide you through our Hair Spa services by AVEDA.

Colour Services :
The colouring, Full Spectrum of AVEDA, immerses the hair in 97% natural formulas for “protective permanent” colours and in 99% natural formulas for “semi permanent” colours.

The enriched composition of oils of sunflower, castor and jojoba enables the health of the hair to be maintained and the hair to have an exceptional shine. The patented AVEDA technology, based on green tea, guarantees the intensity of the colour.

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  • Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal AVEDA (with finger drying) Deep care treatment of the scalp with relaxing massage of the shoulders and the scalp, followed by an intense hydration of the lengths.
  • Damage Remedy Scalp Renewal AVEDA (with finger drying) Deep care treatment of the scalp.
  • Damage Remedy Hair Replenishment AVEDA (with finger drying) Deep care treatment of the hair.


All of our care treatments are preceded by a sensory test: the Sensory Journey. Among the various plant aroma concentrates which are offered – the Key Elements whose composition is kept secret – you choose in a very personal way the one which inspires you and corresponds to your constitution.

A relaxing massage of the hands accompanies each of our treatments.

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Absolute Hair Therapy :

  • Naturopathic consultation

Intensive absolute hair therapy care treatment maximum one month duration

  • 1 naturopathic consultation of 50 minutes
  • 4 scalp care treatments of 75 minutes
  • 1 fruit or vegetable juice enriched with algae at each session

The course of the treatment :

  • Analysis of the appearance of the hair and of the scalp
  • Brushing of the hair so as to decontaminate the hair and to active the microcirculation
  • Preparation of the vegetable oils and of the essential oils heated to body temperature and applied to the scalp with a brush.
  • Massage of the scalp and the neck for 15 minutes
  • “Steam bath” for the hair for 15 minutes
  • Shampoo treatment with essential oils
  • Air drying
  • Hydrosol treatment without rinsing


This new care program of the CBE Concept Spa combines the best synergies of the plants for a comprehensive approach to aesthetics and hair health. It heals the scalp, the hair and takes account of the internal dysfunctions.

The products chosen for the Absolute Hair Therapy are the essential oils, vegetable oils and the hydrosols (floral waters) which are true elixirs of beauty and of health.

Our naturopath specializing in aromatherapy has selected targeted essential oils and vegetable oils for the care of the scalp and the hair.

The oil massage of the scalp is essential it will detoxify and activate the microcirculation. At the same time, you breathe the relaxing effects of the fragrances.

The Hair Spa combines a massage of the hands with this hair care by using the same oils to strengthen your nails.

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